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~*About Iffer-Chan*~


Name: Jennifer

Nicknames: Iffer-Chan, Iffer no Chibi, Iffer-Nee-Chan, Omi-Kun, Omi-Kitty/Neko

Birthday: May 18, 1986

Age: 15

Height: 5'  I'm chibi!

Weight: *shrugs shoulders*

AOL/AIM: OmisPinkHat, IfferNoChibi

Yahoo ID: Sugar_Hyper_Iffer_Chan


Favorite Food: Strawberry Pocky, deep fried Calamari balls & Beef Sukiyaki Pot

Favorite Color: In this order: Bubble gum Pink, Blood Red, Raven Black and Amethyst

Pet Peeves: I'm quite forgetful when it comes to anything not concerning my stuff which is bad and causes me to get in trouble numerous times, I have this terrible thing where a lot of things I do such as eating has to be done in a certain order, in a certain pattern and in a certain way and if anyone intrudes, I get really mad.....I think I'm Obsessive Compulsive or something and I also think I'm a candidate for ADD, hehe, also, I'm overly hyper and genki so people who hate that really get annoyed with it but overall, with my friends, genki and hyper is a good thing ^0^

Hobbies: Sleeping, watching anime, drawing, talking on the phone, going out with my friends, cosplaying, being all genki and hyper and chibi, annoying my mother and brothers, building web sites, listening to music, acting stupid with my cousin and friends, and my favorite past time...STARING AT THE WALL!!!.....that's pretty much it, I have no life!

My beloved friends: First, there's my "family"; Aly-Nee-Chan, Abby-Nee-Chan and Anson-Onee-Chan, one of my BEST friends Jesse, Yatsu-Chan, Yana-Chan, Ham-Sama, Smurf Queen, Elisa-Chan, Donny, Panda, Kevin, Rich-Kun, Tasuki, Aya-Chan, Veronica, Andru, Haruka, Mai-Chan, Hezu-Chan, ChuChu, Aya-Kun, Yosho my Bitch ^-~, Yotan

Animes/Mangas: Weiß Kreuz , Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Saint Tail, Mahou Tsukai Tai, Rurouni Kenshin, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Akazukin Chacha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sol Bianca OVA, Magic Knight Rayearth, Macross Plus, Fushigi Yuugi, Violinist of Hamln, Tenshi ni Narumon, Digi Charat, Please Save my Earth, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Peach Girl, Here is Greenwood, Yami no Matsuei, Kizuna, Mermaid's Scar, Dragon-Half, Tenchi Muyo, Vision of Escaflowne, Gravitation, Inu Yasha, Perfect Blue, Mononoke Hime.....

Favorite Anime Characters: Omi Tsukiyono, Shinji Ikari, Miaka Yuuki, Allen Schezar, Noel, Mikael, Michiru Kaioh, Quatre Rebarba Winner, Eagle Vision...I like the characters that most people hate, for instance, Shinji and Miaka *sniffles* Show them some love people!

Favorite Seiyuu: Hiro Yuuki

Video Games: Shenmue, Final Fantasy 4-10(except 8 & 9), Nights into Dreams, Power Stone, Sonic Adventure, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger

Favorite Video Game Characters: Ryo Hazuki, Yuffie Kisaragi, Cloud Strife, Nights, Lulu, Tidus, Auron

Movies: "Shoujo Kakumei Utena: The Movie", "Perfect Blue", "Cardcaptor Sakura 2nd movie", "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", "Gen-X Cops", "Battle Royale", "Labyrinth", "The Goonies", "Nightmare Before Christmas", "Edward Scissorhands", "Aimee and Jaguar", "Get Real", "Final Fantasy: The spirits within", "To Wong Foo: Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar"

Bands/Singers: X-Japan, Glay, Malice Mizer, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Lucifer, Weiß, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Luna Sea, BjÖrk, Blink 182

Songs: -Malice Mizer: "Au Revoir"  "Illuminati"  "Le Ciel"  "Beast of Blood"  "Madrigal"  "Transylvania"
-Glay: "A Boy"  "Beloved"  "Ikiteku Tsuyosa"  "Lovers change Fighters, cool"
-Gackt: "Another World"  "Fragrance"  "Vanilla"  "Mizerable"  "December Love Song"
-X-Japan: "Crucify my love"  "Scars"  "Dahlia"  "Silent Jealousy"
-Lucifer: "Tokyo"  "Lucy"
-L'Arc~en~Ciel: "Honey"  "Snow Drop"  "Winter Fall"  "Blurry Eyes"  "All Dead"  "Driver's High"
-Weiß: "Other side of the Moon"  "Epitaph"  "Shindemo Ii"  "Suicide Seaside"  "Truth"
-Dir en Grey: "Myaku"
-Utada Hikaru: "First Love"  "Can you keep a secret?"
-Ayumi Hamasaki: "To Be"
-Luna Sea: "I for you"  "Until the Day I Die"  "Loveless"
-BjÖrk: "Bachelorette"  "I miss you"  "Isobel"  "Army of me"  "Hunter"  "It's not up to you"  "Hyper-Ballad"
-Blink 182: "Rock Show"  "Stay together for the kids"  "Dammit"  "Man overboard"  "Romeo and Rebecca"  "21 Days"  "Carousel"