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Princess Neptune & Prince Uranus
.... I would wish upon a star but that star, it doesn't shine ....
For all of you annoying people that keep on writing in saying that Haruka is not a Prince, a thing we really want to say to you.  F*CK OFF!  This is our web site, we will put whatever material and whatever information we want on here that we feel is right.  When you have your own web site you can put whatever you want on it.  Just because you leave remarks for everyone to see on our guestbook that does anger us, we will NOT change it for you.  What we believe and what you believe is totally different.  We don't go to your web sites putting rude remarks on it so don't come here to ours putting that sh*t on.  Just leave this site alone alright butt monkeys!  We've had enough of your crap.
~* Melissa & Jennifer*~

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Quit with the rude remarks!!!!!!

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